I broke a wishbone...

Self-realization and moments of clarity pitted in dynamic, nineties-tinged emo: these elements are key components in the puzzle that is Boys Home. For fans of everything from the Cure to Smashing Pumpkins to Slint to Clarity-era Jimmy Eat World; while these artists do not define Boys Home's sound, you are sure to find jagged bits and pieces of each one.

Marking a transitional period in the lives of brothers Christian and Lennon Nichols, the two set out to build Boys Home from the ground up and push the band towards maximum potential. In February 2016, Boys Home began writing for their first EP, Mary, Your Son Has Left Me. July brought the release of the record and subsequently, the band spent the remainder of the year touring the country.

After completing their 2016 trek across the nation, Boys Home began writing for their thirteen-track debut full-length album Wishbone. Each track envelopes the listener in waves of open chords, thunderous bass lines, and dynamic drums. Vocalist and guitarist Christian Nichols balances feelings of aggression and vulnerability when delivering introspective lyrics like “Am I good enough?,” “I’m running from everyone,” and “we’re sick and we know it.” When drummer Lennon Nichols steps up to the mic on “Lighthearted Blasphemy,” he does so with a sincerity that allows the listener to feel his pain.

Wishbone is Boys Home’s passionate effort to be honest about themselves with the world around them. Slathered in emotion, fear, anger, and hope, the album contains a track each listener can find a piece of themselves in.

June 2017 marked the release of Wishbone. The album was supported with multiple national tours throughout the remainder of the year.